The Internship

The day is Wednesday, the 10th of May, and I had to report at town engineering office complex. It’s located at sector 5, Rourkela — 769002. (map)

 (I don’t own the above image. Source: – here)

The purpose was to obtain the gate pass of the Rourkela Steel Plant.  I, along with 4 others, reached there at 8:40 am — 20 mins before time. We strolled around a bit before we finally met someone who directed us to the proper reporting place.

(Above: – Theja on a call)

Slowly the crowd gathered around the notice board, which displayed the names of the new interns.

(Above: – Courtyard in front of the reporting centre)

There were people from a number of engineering institutes (from all over the state of Odisha) — viz., VSSUT Burla, IIIT BBSR, GIET,  etc.

(Above: – One page of the list containing names of the interns)

Seeing the long queue, Theja and I decided to go and explore the place some more.

(Above: – Theja back on call)

After 10 mins we came back only to see that the queue had gotten longer; we decide to stand in the queue before it got any longer.

(Above: – Initial condition)

(Above: – Initial condition + 10mins!!)

I met Ibrahim, Zakir and Hasib in the same queue. When our turn came, we entered the dilapidated, asbestos roofed building. My serial number was 1459 and they didn’t even ask for the I-Cards. It was all over by 10 am, and we (this time nine of us shared an auto) were on our way back to our respective hostels.

Thus, the tale ends for the day!


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