Long to Belong

Imagine a place — any place… ready?

So, tell honestly, is the place somewhere you have been to, or is it somewhere that you wish to be at? Whatever the case may be, there is something else that needs mentioning; it is whether or not you fit in there.

A traveller once went to the mountains in search of solace. The pilgrim hoped that the mountains would sprinkle some wisdom onto to the poor wandering soul. The wisdom that it so generously bestowed upon the generations of monks that called it (mountain) home. The wanderer finally reached the monastery. As expected, there was no welcome — just a smile of acknowledgement. The visitor spent days getting accustomed to the new way of life — the way of the hermits.

The tourist did everything that a person could do to adapt to this new habitat.

  • Waking up before Apollo wakes up — check.
  • Routine morning hygiene –check.
  • Meditation, yoga — check.
  • Maintaining the farm and watering the plants — check.

The visitor did everything. Now, there are two possibilities — either the experience was transformative and enjoyable, or it was a constant struggle to fit in.

It is a story which could end with either of the above-mentioned possibilities. I feel that I should leave you here to ponder upon the dichotomy that exists between “where you want to go” and “where you fit in.”



The Space Between Us

This piece was inspired by the movie “THE SPACE BETWEEN US”.